About Realescon

The Realescon property and real estate website is a place where buyers, sellers, agents and investors come together. You can privately view and trade property and real estate before it is put onto the broader open market.

Our network is aimed at sellers looking for quick sales and buyers/investors looking for property at BMV (below market value) prices.

Estate agents can also benefit by introducing their clients to new untapped sources of property and real estate opportunities onto the market, then organising commissions with vendors to suit.

Realescon’s aim is to connect people to one another in a dedicated space for the benefit of their own individual success in the property market.

By using our live networking tools such as: pre-market sales pages, live messenger and private chat, video linked communication, news, blogs, forums, specified advertisement and searches, you can stay connected with ease and privacy.

— Pre-property market opportunities
— Free real-estate advertising for premium members
— Live video links
— Connect with thousands of sellers, buyers & investors where you are
— Live chat and messenger
— Make vital business connections in one place dedicated to property & real-estate
— Keep up to speed with market changes and goings on with latest blogs and news
— No hidden agendas or fees