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hogarRD Feb 22 '15

Success is doing business in the Dominican Republic
Why DR?

Situated in the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is at the crossroads between North, Central, and South American markets. With our nearshore location we are ideally set to service the US market.

Its superb location makes the DR a natural haven for maritime and air transportation facilities. We currently have over 70 daily flights to the United States and Europe. Our Travel time to Miami is less than two (2) hours, New York is approximately three (3) hours and Madrid is 8 hours.

 Proximity to vast consumer markets, natural resource endowments, and climate give the DR enormous advantages. We have heavily invested in complementing what we already have: the country also hosts a highly developed free trade zone system, efficient shipping networks, and the strongest telecommunications sector in Latin America.

Our experienced and qualified labor force totals well over 4.1 million people, with 83% of the age structure being between 20 and 60 years old; having an availability of extensive professional labor pool with multilingual talent that covers over 30% of our total workforce.

 More important than sheer quantity, however, is quality. Dominican workers are consistently recognized for their superior work ethic. Willingness to learn and adaptability to fast-changing situations are two of our country’s key cultural assets. Combined with our increasing national investments in education and diverse skills development, these characteristics allow us to offer a wealth of human resources.

For some investors, doing business in the DR may mean relocating to the DR.  You should know that life here brings together the best of many worlds, offering something for everyone. Our major cities are fast-paced, internationally linked, and boast modern conveniences.  Dramatic contrasts can be found within a short drive: scenic tropical countryside, serene mountain ranges, and pristine white sand beaches facing the Caribbean Sea.

Hospitality and a generous spirit are pillars of our society.  Families will find everything they need here, plus a warm and friendly reception from the local population.  Reputable schools certified by international agencies offer coursework in English, Spanish, and French. Cultural activities from all over the world can be enjoyed here. Our large and growing international community is a testimony in and of itself to the quality of life in the DR.