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The concept was initially developed in the United States of America makes a
decade and its sales have increased substantially. In 2000 , for example, had sales of $ 328 million ( million dollars). By the 2005 sales totaled 532 thousand million dollars, which is almost 500 % .


Fractional ownership means that the purchaser of the property becomes
co-owner , along with others , of that residence and this gives individualized
right to use that unit by the number of days that correspond , according to the value of the fraction acquired .

As part owner , the investor can sell their part at any time, at market value , the can rent and even may result in mortgage (with the permission of the other owners ) . It is , of course , transmitted by inheritance , whether testamentary or legitimate.

The internal rules of each house or residence subject to fractional ownership is governed by regulations which , by agreement , establish the joint owners.

In Europe , Asia , Africa and Oceania is also experiencing this new phenomenon
doing business in the field of tourism , although still on a smaller scale , by the novelty
the concept, which is based on the principle of full ownership , ie who buys a property Fractional becomes a real owner of a beautiful residence located in a beautiful tourist destination with a notarized deed , which gives legal certainty as owner and investment security .


Notably Fractional ownership not timeshare , there are very
marked : First, in the timeshare buyer acquires ownership of a property , but only the right to use the hotel facilities for a number of weeks a year, for a limited number of years. At the end of the term timeshare bought vigenciadel simply terminate your right .

In contrast, the acquirer Fractional ownership itself becomes co-owner – owner of a property that allows you to not only use it in the agreed time , but their right is never extinguished .

Second, the surplus value generated in timeshare development not
benefits to the purchaser, but only to the developer. In contrast, Fractional ownership goodwill if it benefits the fractional owner , in proportion to its fraction .
Third is legal certainty and investment . In the timeshare
purchaser only has a simple contract that allows the use of accommodations without the ability to recover your investment.

In contrast, co-owner Fractional property has a deed , which identifies him as such , ie as co-owner , with the right to recover their investment at any time and to generate revenue or profit by renting their part or fraction third .

This concept of Fractional ownership as being developed , is a great idea ;
truly brilliant , it will increase investment in both new developments,
as tourists seeking assurances and amenities in your investment.


The Fractional was conceived primarily (but not exclusively) thinking of those families
who do not wish to invest heavily and do not use more than one month per year for

Many people dream of owning property off, but this dream usually
remain impossible because their investment and maintenance expenditures compete with
those derived from everyday life.

This found that people who buy a holiday home in no case occupy more than one month a year . Why then buy everything if I can buy a share and allocate the difference to other luxuries ?

The Family Club is an investment so interesting is for the public to the customer abroad is Dominican , giving everyone the chance to feel part of a premium experience , where exclusivity is combined with a profitable investment objective to make your holiday a perfect rest , and realize the dream of having your property in one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country and a unique project . It is also ideal for those involving families , when holiday leave , heavy demurrage .

Under this arrangement , each buyer expenses are significantly reduced by not
have to face the full cost of the property . It is possible to enjoy a property
exclusively at a fraction of their value. This option is also attractive to those who
they can afford to purchase a property in full, but do not have the
long enough to give or keep for use throughout the year.

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Great insight to "fractional sales" what would you say is the greatest benifit of this kind of deal and where would one go to begin the search for participating in a deal like this?
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Thanks for your opinion. It is a flexible way of having a property, specially in tourist areas for vacationing. 

Cadaqués Caribe Family club is a project in Dominican Republic with a deal like the one explained.

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