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Graham Dewhirst May 21 '15

·         ** On average, across England & Wales, property value growth in the 12 months to March 2015 is at6.82%

·         ** 9 of the top 15 growth areas are within the Greater London area

·         ** Outside of Greater London, the areas showing the greatest growth are parallel to some of the major road and rail arterial routes from       the capital, e.g. the M1, A1, M11 and M23 corridors.

·         ** A small number of areas are showing negative growth, mainly concentrated in the North West of England

Based on property sale values up to and including March 2015, property values have increased by on average 6.82% across England & Wales in the last 12 months. There continues to be a strong bias of greater property value growth in and around Greater London though our research shows that strong growth is starting to spread from London along some of the major road and rail arterial routes and this can be seen in the image below:

Outside of Greater London, the top five areas (by Local Government District) for growth in the 12 months to March 2015 are:

·         Forest Heath (Suffolk)15.48%, estimated average value £223,250.

·         The City of Brighton & Hove (East Sussex)15.42%, estimated average value £365,500.

·         East Cambridgeshire (Cambridgeshire)14.59%, estimated average value £283,750.

·         Watford (Hertfordshire)14.30%, estimated average value £353,750.

·         North Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire)14.16%, estimated average value £358,250.

As can also be seen in the image, there are some areas of the country, particularly in the Cumbria, showing a reduction in average property values over the past 12 months; CopelandLocal Government District is showing the greatest reduction at -3.37% (estimated average value  £130,000).

You can see the value change for the last 12 months for where you live in England & Wales by visiting and entering your postcode or area.

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