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How to Install Commercial Carpet Tiles

Commercial Carpet tiles are a good solution for flooring, when your looking for a cost effective way to install carpet. Sometimes you can find a good deal on used Commercial Carpet tile. Due to the life span of these Carpet tiles. Even buying used you can get alot of years out of them.

Commercial Carpet tiles are fairly simple to install. If you have a surface that already has flooring. In most cases you want to remove the flooring. Take as much debris off the floor as possible. Sweep then mop it up. Then let it dry.

Once the surface is clean and dry. You are ready to install the Commercial Carpet tile.

What you will need: Carpet Tile, Pressure Sensitive Glue, Knife, and a surface roller. This is used if you have an uneven floor.

To begin you will start in a corner and work your way out. If your not using multiple patterns. Make sure you follow the arrows on back. When applying the Pressure Sensitive Glue. Just dab a little on your fingers and dab on the corners of the tile and the center.

When laying down the tiles. Make sure your laying them tight for best results. Once you get to the walls. You can use your knife to make cut ins.

Cutting the carpet tile is fairly easy. Now if your floor is uneven; you may need to rent a surface roller from a Rental Company. But in most cases this is not an issue.

Now that your floor is down. Let it dry for 24 hours with no traffic. And your good to go.

I hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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