First Towerplant™ being subject of a controversial discussion in Hamburg | Forum

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 The idea of an autarkic Vertical City developed by the real estate entrepreneuer Frank Jendrusch since the late 80th of the last century is going to be concretized and to be a constitutive part of a near future. It's name for Hamburg will be the ELBSEGEL.

Towerplants are buildings in metropolitan areas which form due to their function, size and height an own city centre, so to say a vertical city. At the same time they possess - like conventional "horizontal" cities - their own infrastructure with shopping, recreation and medical facilities, gastronomy, theatres, schools, exhibition spaces for cultural purposes and parks. The whole city is concentrated in a single building which offers space for up to 400 flors and may therefore reach a height of up to 1.600 metres. This is two times higher than the Burj Khalifa the so far highest building in the world.

In case of the first preliminary Towerplant projected for the "entrance" of Hamburg beyond the Elbe river we are just talking about a height of 290 m. But this reletively small vertical city already seems to be too enormous for those who compare it to a conventional skyscraper.

Indeed a Towerplant is much more than just some kind of XXL building. The crucial point consists of its energetic independence due to wind, solar and geothermic energy. The Towerplant is not only supplying itself, it also generates current which may be used for other wide parts of the town.

Upwind power plants transform the enormous ascending wind force and heat rejection via turbine engines into electric power. Additionally, the photovoltaic facade of the building produces further electrical energy. The necessarily very deep fundaments of the Towerplants will generate geothermic hot water for the heating and cooling of the water supply. These three renewable energy sources are able to produce - depending of the actual sitze of the Towerplants - between 500 and 2.000 megawatt power.

Besides the Hamburg project, another Vertical City is being planned for Manhattan: the Edison Tower with a height of 1.310 m!