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The idea 20 something years ago that we could have used information technology to benefit ourselves in property & real-estate would have sounded quite far fetched. But today when searching for any kind of property or realestate, the majority of us turn to our computers first before anything else. <br />
The beauty of this as we all know is convenient, time saving and we can get through hundreds if not thousands of properties at the click of a button or a tap on a tablets screen. <br />
So with all this technology at our fingertips, great new apps and gadgets to seemingly take care of every single element of our seemingly over complicated lives. How comes the property market is still up and down like a children's yo yo??<br />
Some, if not many will blame things on the banks, the greed, the lack of knowledge in buyers and 'the economic cycle'. Whilst these are all credible excuses and undoubtably do have massive effect and influence on the property market wherever you are. I have a believe that if there were better up to speed communication from all parties involved we could lessen the severity of the highs and lows in our markets and lessen the damage caused by bad uneducated investments in property.<br />
I wrote in a previous blog that you wouldn't invest over 250k in an online stock without searching into it and learning everything you could about it, so why would people consider doing just that within the realestate market??<br />
So I racked my brain and looked into the options people had and mistakes people commonly made and came up with two main factors.<br />
1- people buying too high at the wrong time <br />
2- a lack of knowledge in the market place<br />
<br />
These really could be rolled into 1 but in any case the real deal breaker in property failures is having the sufficient knowledge on a whole from credible unbiased sources.<br />
This is where I feel that whilst you are looking to invest in property but you'r checking your friends new update on their Facebook we are all going wrong.<br />
We are spending too much time looking for amusement and not enough time educating ourselves on the things that are going to really benefit us and our families.<br />
So.. Basically my theory is to put down your Facebook fun page, stop tweeting someone who will never know your real name and start investing our time wisely in social media for good.<br />
Such sites as linked in are ideal for business updating and searching but as I found out are not so friendly if you only have recently signed up, get all excited... and people will not let you join their group due to lack of contacts... How shameful.<br />
This is where I could to be very beneficial as it is a complete community dedicated to realestate and property networking. I found it easy to contact other members and share information on the site itself and with no limitations the site is ideal if you are new to the property market looking to get advice from agents and other buyers or sellers.<br />
<br />
I would appreciate any information.<br />
But to summarise my point I feel strongly that we can get over any problems together in any industry especially the property market but information is the answer and social media sharing is the key.<br />
<br />
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